The report on arbitration in Latin America presents in approximately 140 pages:

  • Information on 2765 arbitrations administered in 2019 in which the seat of the arbitration or the domicile of any of the parties was in Latin America, including the number, procedural stage and duration of those arbitrations, the arbitral seats selected, the quantity and domiciles of the parties, the number and nationality of arbitrators, the laws applicable to the merits of the dispute, the language of the proceedings, the amount in dispute, the industries involved and the domicile of the attorneys representing the parties. This information was obtained through surveys completed by 26 arbitral institutions.

  • Information on 501 awards issued in 2019 by Latin American state courts or tribunals, including requests for annulment of arbitral awards, injunctions, guardianships, appeals, revocations or reviews of arbitral awards, and requests for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. This information was obtained through surveys completed by 14 groups of young arbitration practitioners.

Although the report is not and does not pretend to be exhaustive, and only presents a partial picture of arbitration in Latin America, we believe that it will be very useful for those who are interested in the arbitration practice in the region, as it contains sufficient information for the reader to be familiar with some of the practices or preferences of local users.

For more information on the scope and methodology of the report, we invite you to read the introductory chapter of the report.