Guido Tawil (Argentina)

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Prof. Guido Santiago Tawil is an Independent Arbitrator since November 2018. Previously he was the Senior Partner and member of the Executive Committee at M . & M. Bomchil, in Buenos Aires (1993- 2018), a Commissioner of Argentina ́ s Securities & Exchange Commission (1991-1993) and a Secretary of Argentina ́ s Federal Supreme Court of Justice (position equivalent to federal judge) (1989- 1991).

He is a Chair Professor of Administrative Law at the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law (where he teaches since 1984) and of Public Utilities and Economic Regulation in the Administrative Law Master Program at Universidad Católica Argentina. He has been a Visiting Professor at different European, US and Latin American universities.

Prof. Tawil is a Governing Council Member of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), Member of its Nominations Committee and Co – chair of its Task Force on Standards of Practice; Former Co-chair of the IBA ́ s Arbitration Committee (2009-2010); of its Latin American Forum (2008) and member of the IBA’s LPD Council; Former Chair of the Latin American Arbitration Association (ALArb), Former Court Member of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and current member of the LCIA Company; Former Member of the Academic Council of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA); Member of the ICC ́ s Latin American Arbitration Group ; Member of the Foundation for International Arbitration Advocacy ́ s (FIAA) Board of Trustees; Member of the Administrative Law Institute of the National Law Academy, among other institutions.

He was appointed by the Argentine Ministry of Justice as member of the Advisory Committee on Administrative Regulation , of the Committee responsible for drafting Argentina ́ s Law of Internationa l Commercial Arbitration, Argentina’s Code of Administrative Procedure and of the Scholars’ Committee responsible for drafting Argentina ́ s Uniform Code of Legislation.

He has published seven books and over 140 articles and other papers related to his areas of practice. He has been awarded with the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law Award for the best doctoral dissertation in 1991, with the “Alejandro E. Shaw Award” by the Buenos Aires Bar for his legal contributions and with the “Konex Award” (2016).

Prof. Tawil received his law degree in 1983, a Master degree in Administrative Law and Public Administration in 1986, and a Ph. D. from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Administrative Law Area) in 1991, with the highest academic qualifications, all of them issued by the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law.