Why Sponsor This Event?

We offer you the opportunity to join as a SPONSOR. Below, we present the different sponsorship options:

Several of the leading specialists and the most representative organizations in the sector will be participating, making this event considered by many as the most important arbitration event in all of Latin America and one of the most important in the world.

Because this event will be held for the fourteenth year, accompanied once again by some of the most prominent jurists and arbitrators, as well as with the massive presence of participants.

Because we offer you the opportunity to associate your organization with a prestigious and world-class event, with the following outreach:

  • 15,000 people have visited the conference website this year, mainly from all over South America, Mexico, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and England, with an average site stay of 1 minute 35 seconds.
  • 21,000 contacts receive conference promotional material, in a national and international database, with more than ten different types of emails over five months.
  • We have had over 500 speakers and arbitrators; more than 5,400 registered participants from various countries in Latin America and beyond, and more than 30 of the main arbitration centers and institutions in the region and the world supporting the event.
  • The event will have a presence on the most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and considering the exponential reach of social media, the actual reach of the CLA is incalculable. Additionally, CEDEP and CAM-CCBC will be replicating all the information as co-organizers of this edition.
  • The event will be promoted through the most important national and international legal websites, through press releases from sponsoring law firms, arbitration centers, chambers of commerce, international organizations, etc.
  • Sponsors’ logos will be part of the opening and closing of each virtual session.