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The Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Economía y Política (CEDEP) has been organizing the “Conferencia Latinoamericana de Arbitraje” (CLA) since its first edition. The eleventh edition of the CLA will take place on the days 30 and 31st of May of the year 2019, at Asunción.  

It is well known that the CLA has been resoundingly successful in its ten editions starting in the year 2009. The first three were held at Asunción in prominent auditoriums such as the “Gran Teatro del BCP”, the Conmebol and the Sheraton Hotel, counting with 1200 participants. Following those editions, we visited Medellin, Punta Cana, Buenos Aires, Curitiba, Miami, La Paz, and Cusco.

The highly favorable repercussions of all the CLA editions were, in large part, due to the high-level presentations and the interest manifested in the debates. All this integrates the “CLA brand” that we are committed to maintaining with the purpose of promoting and facilitating the development and the studies of arbitration in Latin-America, in which for the past ten years we have been constructing bridges between Latin-America and the rest of the world.

Regarding its organizer, the CEDEP is a center of studies that has been organizing events with major universities and global figures in the legal world, leaders in their respective areas. The CEDEP counts with the support of the Asociación Americana de Derecho Internacional Privado (ASADIP), which is composed by the leading specialists in the field of International Private Law (which involves arbitration) in the continent.

We are estimating to count with, at least, 40 speakers. To date, figures such as Gay B. Born, George Bermann, Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo (leaders in arbitration matters globally) have already confirmed their participation in the event, and other experts on the area, both regional and worldwide, will also be joining, offering Latin-American jurists the chance to share and discuss relevant matters affecting the field.