The twelfth edition of the Latin American Arbitration Conference (CLA) is organized by CEDEP since its first edition (2009). The CLA then became rotary, and we have visited Medellín, Buenos Aires, Curitiba, Punta Cana, Miami, La Paz and Cusco, in days of great success. We will celebrate the ten years again in Asunción in 2019.

   This edition will be held on Thursday, May 28 and Friday, May 29, 2020. This edition will be co-organized jointly by the University of Montevideo.
The highly favorable repercussions of all the CLA editions were largely due to the high level of the presentations and the interest expressed in the debates. All this forms the “CLA brand” that we are committed to maintaining in order to promote and contribute to the development and study of arbitration in Latin America. It is estimated to have at least 40 exhibitors and other leading experts in arbitration matters will be added, both globally and regionally, offering professionals in Latin America the possibility of sharing and discussing the same relevant issues that affect the specialty.